Notes for Storage of Wood Fire-proof Door Products


Hello, everyone. Today, I want to share with you some notes about the storage of wood fire door products. In recent years, all kinds of fire door products have been favored by the majority of consumers. What should we pay attention to when storing this type of equipment? Quickly follow Xiaobian to learn about it, I hope this article can help you through the introduction.


The precautions for storage of wood fire door products are described as follows:
1. Fire doors should be protected against rain and water in storage to avoid dampness.
2. Fire-proof doors should be packaged firmly or containers should be adopted before they are transported. The price of wooden fire-proof doors should be stabilized during transportation, and shaking and kneading should be prohibited to avoid deformation.
3. Installation door wall needs to check the door frame and door fan first, and repair and paint damaged, deformed and de-painted.
4. The connecting parts of the fire door and the wall should be embedded in advance in the wall. The orientation and number of the embedded parts should be in accordance with the door frame.
5. When installing doorframe, we should proofread the doorframe and the straight and horizontal open fire doors, determine its elevation according to the planning requirements, and the seams of the doorframe should meet the requirements. Firstly, we should use the wooden wedge to locate the four corners of the doorframe, and then check it. After admitting that it is correct, we should connect the doorframe with the embedded parts, and then remove the wooden wedge and use 1:2 water. Slurry fills and smoothes the gap of the plug. No work shall be done on the door frame before the mortar has not set.
6. Fire-proof door and fan devices should be sensitive to opening and closing, without blockage and rebound, lock devices should be correct and reliable, and other hardware fittings should be fulfilled according to the planned requirements of steel fire-proof doors.
7. After the completion of the fire door device, we should strengthen the maintenance to avoid damage to the fire door in the construction of other projects.